Old Glory Tattoo

539-C Silver Slipper Ln. Tallahassee, Florida 32303


Old Glory Tattoo is located at 539-C Silver Slipper Lane, Tallahassee Florida.  Our goal at this shop is to produce quality tattoos in a comfortable, professional setting.  Resident Tattooers:  Brandon Bender, Benjamin Jemison, Thomas Bacot, and Terence Grantham.

HOURS OF OPERATION: 12pm to 8pm   Monday-Saturday

Phone: 850-577-1140

Email: oldgloryfl@gmail.com

Instagram: @old_glory_fl



26 thoughts on “About

  1. Jennifer Vickers on said:

    How would I go about setting up a appointment with you at Gulf Coast Prof shop for thunder beach week?

  2. Karen on said:

    Do you have any pictures of tribal work you’ve done?
    armband. Thanks

  3. Karen on said:

    Great, I’ll be in soon

  4. Rachel on said:

    Hi! I would like to set something up for next Saturday. I have a god awful wrist tat from the rowdy days in Athens Ga. It’s on my wrist & I’m wanting a beautiful elephant coverup. I have ideas & would love to talk to a pro & see if any are possible! 🙂 thanks!

    • Hello Rachel. We would be more than happy to help you out. The best thing to do would be to stop by the shop when you have a chance so we can see what you have and what you would like to cover it with, so we can get something drawn up for you. Thanks and hope to see you soon.
      Old Glory Tattoo

  5. Queenie Pye on said:

    Hi guys. I’m interested in scheduling a time to get a tattoo next month. I wish I could show you a picture of what I want, it’s extremely simple though: a cross, an outline of a heart, and an anchor. In that order right next to each other like hieroglyphics. Like I said really simple 🙂 I want it small enough to fit on the front of my left shoulder, right between my collarbone and arm pit. How much would that be? Thanks!!

    • Hello. It is hard to give an exact price without seeing the specific images and the size which you would want them, but a rough estimate would be around $60-$80. You can stop by the shop any time and we would be glad to get everything sized up for you and schedule an appointment, or we will be able to do it as a walk-in whenever you are ready to get it done.

  6. Do you have any photos of/how are you with handwriting replication?? I am wanting a small tattoo that includes a handwritten phrase. I can send pics if necessary. Thanks for any info!

    • Hello Amy. Don’t think that we have any photos of handwriting replication, but we have done that more than a few times with good results. We typically will make a copy of the writing and make a stencil directly from that which allows us to replicate it exactly. If you would like to email the reference you can send it to oldgloryfl@gmail.com. Thanks.

  7. Sharisse on said:

    Hello, I would like the words “Big Daughter” tatted on my inner arm. Do you have a link to your various fonts, or would it be necessary for me to come in your studio to look at what you have?

  8. Zoie Russo on said:

    Hi, I was wondering if I could come in sometime this weekend to get my tattoo drawn up and maybe even done!

  9. Crystal Smith on said:

    Ben and Thomas,
    I wanted to thank you so much for the best tattoo experience my sister and I have ever had. We appreciate how patient you both were with us in deciding on the design and placement of our arrows. We felt comfortable and completely relaxed in Old Glory. So again, thank you both! Your shop is highly recommended from us both:)

  10. Hi, I have extremely sensitive skin and was told there was a special kind of ink artists use on people with sensitive skin. I was wondering if you had it or knew what I was talking about.

    • Hello Sara. I can honestly say in 15 years of being a tattooer I have never heard of that. The only thing I can really tell you is that if you have reactions to a lot of cosmetics or the like, that you might with tattoo pigment. I have never seen anyone have a reaction to black ink, and only in a small percentage some colors(mostly red).

      • Alright, thank you. I guess I was given some misinformation because I can’t find anything about the ink online either.
        Now, do I need to make an appointment to have my tattoo done or are you guys okay with walk-ins? Also, could you give me an estimate on how much my tattoo will cost? I want a triple spiral, it’s from Celtic symbology, and I’d want it to be an inch both in length and width on my wrist in black ink.

      • We gladly take walk-ins Monday through Saturday. I would estimate that your triple spiral would cost around $50-$60 for that size and placement. Thanks and hope to see you soon!

  11. Kaila on said:

    Hi i was wondrring if you guys accepted walk-ins?

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